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Asociacion de Centros de Idiomas

This immersion school is located in the heart of the historical Recoleta District of Buenos Aires. Recoleta is a truly European and luxurious neighbourhood that is packed with elegant restaurants, outdoor cafes, bars and a cinema complex that is the biggest and best in Argentina.

It is also famous for its European-style architecture and lively atmosphere. Situated in a very strategic place of Buenos Aires, close to the main landmarks of the city, ideal to start any city tour and certainly the best place for your Spanish in Buenos Aires!


The School is like a family for the students of Spanish who take up lessons in this warm and friendly atmosphere. The classrooms are spacious and cosy and offer excellent study conditions.

The Spanish courses are fully accredited and taught by very professional teachers who don’t only follow a carefully developed syllabus but also try to transmit their passion for their language and culture to students. The staff’s attention to detail and hospitality will make your Buenos Aires stay unique and unforgettable.

All students experience real language challenges. Staff  help them to communicate more effectively and to speak their minds – to say what they really mean to say.dele-logo

Being immersed in Spanish, students face communicative situations all the time: going to the supermarket, preparing a dinner party, travelling by bus or presenting a product in a company meeting.

The school’s main goal is to equip students with the necessary tools to deal with these situations: the activities and workshops that we offer allow students apply their knowledge outside the classroom in real-life scenarios.

Where we are!

Neighbourhood: Recoleta
Address: Marcelo T. de Alvear 1459
Between Paraná and Uruguay streets

We are…

One block away from Santa Fe Avenue .
Two blocks away from Córdoba Avenue. Five blocks away from Colón Theatre .
Ten blocks away from the Obelisco.