Spanish for teachers

  • Two special weeks for teachers of Spanish
  • 40 hours of processing in Spanish
  • 20 hours of special classes for teachers of ELE and observation classes with feedback
  • Classes are held from 9.00am to 1.00pm Mon to Friday
  • Teacher training 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Course Description


  •  Learning tasks, enphasis on communication
  • Use of ELE as the only language to construct learning
  • Eclectic approach when there is language immersion (transfer to the classroom when there is no such immersion to the language)
  • Materials design
  • Strategies to achieve basic communicative competence
  • How to work different skills in a group
  • Production and recognition, exposure to the language
  • Criteria for correction
  • Games
  • Classes outside the classroom
  • Workshops pronunciation

All Spanish courses include:

  • Spanish tutoring Tuesdays 2 to 5pm.
  • Exams and diplomas Fridays at 2 pm.
  • Extra cultural activities in Spanish: Movies (Monday), Tango/Salsa (Wednesday), “Picadas” or cultural tours (Thursday).


Enrolment fee: US$ 20
Classes are held even on public holidays.